Toyota Production System

TPS is an integrated approach to production which manages equipment, materials, and people in the most efficient manner possible. All the while ensuring a healthy and safe work environment. It's also the formula behind our world-class quality compressors at competitive prices.

TPS has three desired outcomes:

    To provide the customer with the highest quality, at lowest possible cost, in a timely manner with the shortest possible lead time.
    To provide associates with work satisfaction, job security and fair treatment.
    It gives the company flexibility to respond to the market, achieve profit through cost reduction activities and long-term prosperity.
Kaizen - Continuous Improvement

Kaizen is the heart of the Toyota Production System.

Like all mass-production systems, the Toyota process requires that all tasks, both human and mechanical, be very precisely defined and standardized to ensure maximum quality, eliminate waste and improve efficiency. Toyota associates have a responsibility not only to follow closely these standardized work guidelines but also to seek their continual improvement.
Just In Time
The Just in Time approach to production has gained universal acceptance in world manufacturing. It was actually pioneered by Toyota. In fact, a Toyota engineer coined the term itself.

"Just in Time" manufacturing consists of allowing the entire production process to be regulated by the natural laws of supply and demand.

Customer demand stimulates production. The production stimulates production and delivery of the necessary parts and so on.
The result is that the right parts and materials are manufactured and provided in the exact amount needed - and when and where they are needed.
In Japanese 'jidoka' simply means automation. At Toyota it means 'automation with a human touch'.
The Concept of Jidoka
Jidoka Principle