TACG Compressor
Environmental Policy

Total environmental management through

Associate involvement and commitment to

C ontinual improvement in pollution prevention with

G rowth of Environmental Awareness
TACG Environmental Policy
TD Automotive Compressor Georgia is committed to being a responsible citizen not only for our community but to the environment in which we conduct the business of producing car air-conditioning compressors.

North Georgia Mountains We will comply with all applicable local, state and federal laws and regulations as well as with all subscribing other requirements, relevant to the environmental aspects of our products or services. TD Automotive will maintain procedures and programs to assure our compliance to laws, regulations and other requirements in our business. This will also apply to organizations with which we conduct business.

We will strive with our programs to prevent pollution before it is produced and minimize the impact on the environment by establishing objectives and targets toward improving our overall environmental performance.

TACG Scholarship Fund
The TD Automotive Compressor Georgia (TACG) Scholarship Fund was established at the North Georgia Community Foundation in 2006 to provide competitive scholarships to Jackson County students.

Up to a $1,500 renewable award is granted in the spring of each year. They are renewable for three (3) successive years, thereafter, provided the recipient has demonstrated his or her ability to successfully attain the college education being sought on a timely basis.
Scholarship Fund Available
Scholarship applicants must be residents of Jackson County, Georgia and a graduated senior of any public high school located in Jackson County, Georgia. Applicants must have a minimum 2.5 GPA and be pursuing an undergraduate degree at an accredited institution.

For more information or to download a scholarship application, go to: and click on “Scholarships.”